Monday, November 1, 2010

Ptarmigan Lodge Vacation Rentals

Ptarmigan Lodge is a one of a kind hand crafted cabin. All of the wood used to build this log hybrid cabin, was fallen and milled right on the property. All of the building from ground to finish work was done by family and friends. Let us take you on a tour of this fantastic vacation rental.

The cabin is a log hybrid. A mix of whole cedar uprights and cross logs. Douglas fir for the beams and lumber. The biggest beam is 16 x 14 & can be seen running the length of the down stairs . Cedar siding & trim. Maple floors down stairs with Douglas fir floors upstairs.

The timber had to be cut to make room for the cabin. So we used it. Four Douglas fir trees approx 125 years old. A dozen cedar trees were used. The oldest cedar 111 rings is in the center of living room holding up the 2nd story. 50 foot long cedar logs are visible up stairs holding up the roof. Lastly a hand full of gnarly old maple we used for floors and fire wood. It came out great, it took three long yet wonderful years . All custom & hand crafted. We made the siding & trim as we went. The siding is laid out as it came off the log wild edge with matching knots. The railings came from cedar branches, we used it all to craft this beautifull cabin.

Now that it's all done, you can sit back and enjoy.